Caprari E Series Submersibles

Caprari E Series Submersible and Borehole Pump

The Caprari E series range of submersible pumps is an impressive line-up with many versions, configurations and materials of construction available. Caprari is an end to end manufacturer and can control the quality of the pump through the whole manufacturing cycle from casting to building the electric motors. The E series range includes a full...
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Flygt N-3000 Series Pumps

Flygt N-3000 Series Water and Wastewater Pump

Flygt’s self-cleaning non-clog N-pumps feature innovative designs and functions that deliver high sustained efficiency and reliable operation. They are ideal for tough applications including unscreened sewage, wastewater and sludge up to an 8 percent solids concentration. Flygt N-pumps can handle capacities up to 1,000 l/s (16.000 gpm) with motors from 1.3 to 680 kW (1.5 to 870 hp) and pumping heads of up...
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Flygt Grinder Pump

Flygt Sewage Grinder Pump

A grinder pump cuts down solids to fine particles, producing a slurry suitable to be conveyed through small-diameter pipes. The most common application of grinder pumps is in pressurised sewage systems where topography, surface conditions etc. are too challenging for conventional gravity systems. Flygt’s M-3000 series submersible, centrifugal pumps are ideal for pumping wastewater in...
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Flygt vrtx3 Pump

Flygt Vortex Impeller Pump (D-3000 D-8000)

Flygt Vortex pumps are designed for reliability. The impeller runs freely in the volute, requiring no adjustment and providing free flow-through of solids and liquids. This completely eliminates jamming risk and negates low performance resulting from faulty impeller adjustments and wear. The D-3000 series pumps are ideal for transporting municipal sewage, industrial wastewater and for...
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Hidrostal Fish Friendly Pump

Hidrostal offer a wide variety of fish friendly pumps designed specifically for the fish industry and aqua cultural applications. The company patented the first ever fish friendly pump over 50 years ago and have continually expanded their range ever since to include submersible, direct drive and portable pumps for water extraction, drainage and fish moving...
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Hidrostal Submersible Pump

Hidrostal Submersible Pump

Hidrostal Screw Centrifugal Immersible Pumps are capable of continuously operation in a dry installation as well as wet installation. They run with equal performance either in air, fully or partially submerged due to their closed loop cooling. Hidrostal Immersible pumps are capable of handling difficult municipal and industrial wastewater viscous liquids, fragile flocs, and even...
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Pedrollo Top Multi-Tech 2

The Top Multi-Tech 2 is a submersible clean water pressure pump, suitable for use in domestic and light commercial applications such as water supply to homes and irrigation of gardens.  The pump is highly recommended for applications where water is being pumped from a below-ground water tank. The pump includes an in-built electronic control device,...
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Sulzer Submersible Piranha Grinder Pump

Sulzer Piranha Submersible Grinder Pump

Piranha sewage pumps with shredding action provide reliable and economical discharge of effluent under pressure in private municipal and communal schemes. They offer an economical alternative to gravity sewers, and improve environmental protection for pressurized sewer systems. 
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Sulzer XFP Pump

Sulzer XFP Series Submersible Sewage Pumps

The Sulzer XFP range is designed for use in municipal and industrial wastewater. Sulzer submersible sewage pump type XFP models PE1 to PE7, use Premium Efficiency IE3 motors. Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) research and testing, a versatile range of Contrablock Plus impellers has been engineered to provide the very best rag handling ability whilst...
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Sulzer XJ Pump

Sulzer XJ Series Dewatering Pumps

Sulzer has the solutions in a complete pump range for reliable dewatering, and in the real world where time is money, worksites have no time for unwanted water. Whether you work in mining, tunnelling or construction, the Sulzer range of dewatering pumps are your best insurance against water-related downtime.
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Zenit DG & DR Pumps

Zenit Blue Series Submersible Pumps

Zenit’s Blue series of submersible pumps are rugged and reliable, suitable for permanent installations, temporary installations and for emergency pumping of flooded areas due to their convenience and ease of handling. They are suitable for pumping from tanks and wells. Meticulous design and the use of high-grade materials allow easy maintenance and make the replacement...
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