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7-SHRED Industrial Dry Grinder

JWC’s 7-SHRED industrial grinder is well suited to difficult grinding applications. It has been specifically designed for applications requiring critical size reduction in a variety of industries. This large unit has the flexibility of customisation to suit individual and specific needs such as specialised cutters or working without additional spray or wash water. Its robust...
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Auger Monster

JWC’s Auger Monster is a heavy-duty headworks solution that combines three of JWC’s finest technologies; a grinder, a fine screen and a compactor. The spiral screen removes rubbish and unwanted solids to allow the treatment plant to run more efficiently. The Auger Monster screw screen is proven to result in cleaner, more compact discharge and...
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JWC Channel Monster

Channel Monster

The Channel Monster is the best in class technology for waste water solids reduction. The patented Channel Monster utilises rotating drums to capture solids in the channel combined with the proven Muffin Monster dual sewage grinder technology. This unique design results in a high flow capacity system, able to shred tough solids including rags, rocks, wood and other rubbish...
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Fish Cleaning Station

Fish Cleaning Station

JWC’s Monster Industrial stainless-steel fish cleaning table is he most efficient, convenient and clean fish cleaning table available. Fish waste is turned into a slurry that is easily flushed away. The station is self-contained and features a powerful 3-HYDRO dual-shafted grinder to shred solids such as large fish parts as well as cans, cutlery, fishing...
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Honey Monster Image

Honey Monster

JWC’s Honey Monster septage receiving station and Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) receiving system quickly screens and processes septage, grease, FOG or sludge from haul trucks. This automated acceptance plant allows for cleaner handling of septage truck waste by reducing and separating unwanted solids such as rocks and rag. The unique combination of grinding, solids...
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Muffin Monster Image

Muffin Monster

JWC Environmental has successfully installed over 30 000 Monsters around the world in a wide range of municipal wastewater applications. The JWC Monster range is designed specifically for headworks, pump stations, pump protection, digester protection, centrifuge protection, sludge grinding, storm overflow and many other applications.  The Muffin Monster® grinders protect pumps and sludge dewatering equipment...
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Muffin Monster Manhole

The Muffin Monster Manhole is a pre-fabricated fibreglass sewer manhole with a sewage grinder, fully assembled and ready for installation. This product is the ideal solution when a sewage grinder is required but space is insufficient for conventional installations. The system is easy to install – just dig down to the sewer line, create a concrete pad...
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